One of the most popular surgeries in the United States and the world corresponds to breast enhancement surgery.   The surgery can dramatically change the appearance of the breasts. There are several ways of changing the look of breasts depending on the size and characteristics in which the patient desires.

Breast augmentation is a procedure used to enlarge smaller breasts caused by lack of development or reduced size after pregnancy.  The surgery is performed by placing a silicone implant which is completely harmless to the patient. The results are great in most cases.

After breast augmentation surgery the patient has to wear a special bra for a few weeks. The sutures are absorbable by your body, there’s no need to cut sutures later on. Bed rest for 2-4 weeks is essential. We recommend no strenuous exercise for the first 3 months after surgery.

Mammoplasty is usually performed under spinal anesthesia and may involve an incision around the areola and another in a "T" shaped or "J". Placing the implant, in the case of a breast augmentation, usually only involves a small incision around the areola.

Most cases can be done on an outpatient basis.  Time at the clinic is limited to a few hours after the procedure.

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