Liposculpture or liposuction is defined as the surgical aspiration of fat located below the skin surface. This has become a very popular procedure.

Although age is an important factor to determine the ideal candidate for the procedure, general body conditions are much more important. Ideal candidates are those who have undergone diets and/or exercise but can’t get rid of body fat deposits. Overweight patients may benefit from this procedure. You must keep in mid that this isn’t a weight loss method although it provides good results. This procedure is best for a person who is close to normal weight. There isn’t an age limit for the procedure.

The type of anesthesia (regional, general or local) will be determined upon examination by the surgeon (things to consider include the amount of fat to be removed, general physical conditions and the type of surgical procedure to be performed). 

Liposuction usually takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.  It may vary from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the area and the amount of fat that will be suctioned.  The operation begins when the surgeon performs a small incision which is wide enough to allow the insertion of the suction tube or cannula.  The other end of the cannula is connected to a suction machine.

For several years the technique is referred to as the Tumescent technique because it involves injecting saline with lidocaine with adrenaline in the fat located below the skin.  Injection of this mixture before starting the liposuction procedure allows tissues and blood vessels to get numb, reducing bleeding, tissue trauma, inflammation and reducing pain.
Virtually all areas of the body can be treated with liposuction (chin, neck, cheeks, arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips and knees).

After surgery
Two to three days after the surgery fluid can be drained from the wound.  A garment should be used for several weeks after the completion of the intervention.  Do not expect immediate results after surgery.  Treated areas will be swollen and you may feel a burning sensation.  Pain is controlled with analgesics.  Antibiotics are prescribed for preventing infections.

All surgical procedures involve certain risks.  In rare cases the procedure can cause severe trauma, particularly if large areas are treated in one operation. 

Other rare but possible complications include infection and excessive loss of body fluids.  However, liposuction is a secure and reliable procedure as long as the patient is carefully selected, proper equipment is used and above all, the procedure is done in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon.

Your new look
Liposuction is definitely a highly effective technique that can give you a new body contour with few scars.  The results can be permanent depending upon your diet and exercise habits.  However if you do gain weight again it will uniform and not in localized areas.

In recent years, numerous men and women have benefited from this amazing procedure.  A lean and healthy body will give you more confidence and a greater security in yourself when dealing with others.

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