Gynecomastia is the development of the mammary gland in men and can occur in one or both breasts. Gynecomastia literally means ''Breast of a Women''.

It can be caused by hormonal changes making men develop the mammary glands. The condition can also arise as a side effect from the use of certain drugs.
On the other hand, there’s pseudo-gynecomastia, which is more frequent and fat tissue predominates.

Surgery is indicated in healthy men who have reached maturity or in an adolescent who is emotionally stable and whose self-esteem is affected or simply wants to look manlier.

There are several alternatives or surgical techniques to choose from, always trying to minimize the size of the scar. Depending on the level of droop and type of breast tissue, liposuction is combined with the open extraction technique through an incision either around the areola or in the form of a '' J''.

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